the shadow was made

The shadow was made
as the red haired girl shone of sunlight
while leaping up over the glistening rail
plummeting towards ground.
Towards the end: one of the two folds in this world
quickened by every breath forced from lung tube
locking westward wind in its cave to howl
and ramble before slowly escaping out
of mind and soul core into the yellowness that arrives
at day before shades lurk.
Taking the form of clouds using in brain matter,
gravitating towards stem, towards round belly to churn
and there await the hip’s propulsion through thickness
of ozone–of smoke
while angels watching
with crooked eyes, necks bent
slender pink tipped fingers reach towards–not touching
the revolving mass of dust and clay
Their whispers strengthening love roots
that grow from hip-skin and waist-curves.
Curves that direct back to fate pronouncing ledges
or intervention therein following the trail of red
that flung over the girl’s brow
veiling a nameless face in the two fold.

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