when pretenses fall as cloth to the floor

When pretenses fall as cloth to the floor

peace comes dripping slow.

Placing your cold hand against my heart
skin the sole barrier between the two
you sing to its beat.
Churched hands both graced and defile by love
run over tan belly
skin rough with use.

Looks are passed across the air between our lips,
looks of lust, looks of love,
I am often frightened by my own carnality,
being taught to regard such thoughts as sin
demanding immediate repentance
facing consequences of fire,
gnashing of teeth.

I doubt not the love and it’s realities
nor the breath of heaven that fills this vessel,
but it is hard to hold and my back bends a little
between the weight of you and Him.
I am strong
my will stronger.
Embracing love I step forward,
looking towards Heaven for instruction.

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