i set my head to spinning

I set my head to spinning
convince myself it’s ok
find a place to focus
and you’ll keep from being dizzy

feel all the feelings

ride the ride  


invest in happiness

let the spinning set me to smiling

swallow it up

these are the tough days
the rough days

the tenderest times

just get through
Red eyed and blue

pull it out
string the words on the line
air the laundry
let the neighbors see the stains

the broken bits
can be mended
once the spinning stops

I’ve been avoiding
Red rimmed eyes

they are like hers
but not so Silent

how many holes in this dam
before the whole thing crumbles
water rushing

will I drown?

with no one to save me
I better learn to float

face up
watch the sky
see the sun
feel the sun

let the stars lead
they shine like I should

like I used to
when I reflected you

can we still shine
with you so far away?

in our next life
when we fall again
please feel all the feelings

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