we move towards nakedness

we move towards nakedness towards vulnerability and radical acceptance what we are met with desires to crush and conform package and label for easy digestion wake up and remember we expand we transform we are more than yesterday less than tomorrow

my feet on the dash

My feet on the dash the engine rumbling my seat the sun pouring on my soles I imagine bleeding the sweet sting of slice down my right foot, ball to heel the blood beading crimson the way it drips off foot to dash the letting go

lie to me

Lie to me. Tell me no one else makes you feel the way I do. Tell me you miss me. Tell me I’m the only one. Lie to me, so the space between us feels better, thicker, softer. Like a blanket. Instead of dead air and cold space. Just tell me you miss me.

my body is used 

my body is used my belly has stretched over over over and over again my breasts have swollen filled and grown during each period between my bones have settled differently my breasts have fallen new marks are discovered wounds or badges of honor either way you look at it it’s the same