dear Sylas

Dear Sylas You never saw the sun. Created and cradled in the dark I knew you alive, inside my body we lived together -with exception of the kicks your Father felt no one knew you. Grief is lonely and days after you’d left our space I still felt you move within an infant ghost haunting my […]

wake up with the sun

wake up with the sun eyes wrinkle with smiles the baby lays sleeping dreaming of puppies and drums she stirs awaking happy the three of us sneak off a Sunday morning adventure into your quiet town to gather treats for our lovers and loved as they lie sleeping we cook we teach we learn breakfast […]

what does one do with a friday night

what does one do with a Friday night when Thursday you nearly gave yourself away digest express drink it down paint it black keep your eye on the light that pours through the pinhole in your defenses don’t think- smile enjoy revel relive feel all the feelings all the fingertip bruises all the maybes all […]