making good use of these weird feelings

making good use of these weird feelings I re-connect and aim to ignite I do burn brightly at times I used to write of slipping away disappearing my thin frame becoming slimmer and then simply gone I used to flirt with death I no longer find romance there my body still aims at becoming small […]

dear Sylas

Dear Sylas You never saw the sun. Created and cradled in the dark I knew you alive, inside my body we lived together -with exception of the kicks your Father felt no one knew you. Grief is lonely and days after you’d left our space I still felt you move within an infant ghost haunting my […]


affection purposely thoughtfully I am in a moment actively precisely recording it in my mind: today it was your face brand new as a child upon waking it was mingled contours it was indecipherable bodies it was the morning sun filtering through my blinds warming my face painting our world gold this is one of […]

wahrend mein körper hier ist, ist mein Herz dort…

Wahrend mein Körper hier ist,ist mein Herz dort… While my body is here, my heart is there… Time spent waiting is a bittersweet garden. Each moment spent apart makes each moment spent in communion much sweeter; more rare. These obstacles are purely physical, a test of our resources. Honestly, seventy four miles has never felt […]

i am presently surrounded by filth

I am presently surrounded by filth; obscene pictures of life taken and manipulated inducing laughter from a rough man commercials touting au jui dripping with greed the road outside invades the tree line. I sit trying to retreat from a discouraged mind shrinking body. Sky is grey filled with electric lines civilization is an ugly […]