not alone but left behind

not alone but left behind flock scattered but a few the quiet one didn’t ask the others to stay (now they are all “others”) They didn’t ask anything she has the only voice now the birds flock they forget but a few I’m fairly certain birds don’t cry I only cry in dreams and rainy […]

wake up with the sun

wake up with the sun eyes wrinkle with smiles the baby lays sleeping dreaming of puppies and drums she stirs awaking happy the three of us sneak off a Sunday morning adventure into your quiet town to gather treats for our lovers and loved as they lie sleeping we cook we teach we learn breakfast […]

the thought of making new dreams

the thought of making new dreams has never been more daunting a task has never been a task un-dreaming six years worth of dreams letting go letting go let go I was there soaking in the tub you sat on the toilet’s lid strumming the guitar I bought for you at the pawn shop for […]