affection purposely thoughtfully I am in a moment actively precisely recording it in my mind: today it was your face brand new as a child upon waking it was mingled contours it was indecipherable bodies it was the morning sun filtering through my blinds warming my face painting our world gold this is one of […]

wake up with the sun

wake up with the sun eyes wrinkle with smiles the baby lays sleeping dreaming of puppies and drums she stirs awaking happy the three of us sneak off a Sunday morning adventure into your quiet town to gather treats for our lovers and loved as they lie sleeping we cook we teach we learn breakfast […]

lowered serotonin levels and love songs

Product of lowered serotonin levels and love songs Lonely and tired Tired of lonely Wishing someone shivered when I passed wishing to see the flush of a face stop blending into the walls when did I become the nice girl finishing last impressionless I want to give butterflies And I promise to return the favor […]