making perfect

making perfect practice being friends practice ignoring the fire in my stomach that IGNITES each time we hang up, seperate what exactly am I hiding away today what may resonate by burying emotion turning the spigot to the right I worry about consequences I may become like the rest not out of want but out […]

i’m blaming it on the moon

when means and ways are upturned and true nature is obscured through the emerald mask I’m blaming it on the moon when two new lives rest in their languid tree tops once rocked by Natures fickle wind one ends and the other reprieved I’m blaming it on the moon when actions realize themselves — ———  footsteps and self reliance […]


twisted all I can think of is I’m so gad I left– got out of bars your arms made– dreams my eyes made without the brain, confusing my morality with your mortality as I burst from smoke cloaked hands dependent on need while elsewhere fires burned months of hidden rage uprooted from deep throated vowels […]

when pretenses fall as cloth to the floor

When pretenses fall as cloth to the floor peace comes dripping slow. Placing your cold hand against my heart skin the sole barrier between the two you sing to its beat. Churched hands both graced and defile by love run over tan belly skin rough with use. Looks are passed across the air between our […]