making good use of these weird feelings

making good use of these weird feelings I re-connect and aim to ignite I do burn brightly at times I used to write of slipping away disappearing my thin frame becoming slimmer and then simply gone I used to flirt with death I no longer find romance there my body still aims at becoming small […]

as we lay

As we lay -close as unassembled puzzle pieces lumped into a box paper thin breath hangs between our lips his tears come as perfect diamonds collecting at lower lash and tumbling down cheeks these diamonds communicate as our gift for words has failed a glacier melts and pulls away from it’s shore we are sailing […]


So I feel like floating rising above the clouds to a happy place where work doesn’t matter where only my love for him counts, and our dream for a baby our own beautiful little something black hair and brown eyes That’s the place I want to be always get away from stress distress unstressed undress to be free to […]