what i believe

What I believe turned out quite simple. I believe we are connected, one being. I like to imagine each of us are but one expression of an infinite number of possible expressions. We may be similar, but each of us are a unique part of the dynamic whole. We come from and we go back to […]

i smell you on my clothes

I smell you on my clothes; on my hands. All voices scratch as cat claws on bedposts. Their contrast is yours. You linger here… My hands, my tounge, my thoughts desire to create and gift. I draw for you; write you poems. My heart translates foreign texts. My brain picks up clues in the context. […]

the thought of making new dreams

the thought of making new dreams has never been more daunting a task has never been a task un-dreaming six years worth of dreams letting go letting go let go I was there soaking in the tub you sat on the toilet’s lid strumming the guitar I bought for you at the pawn shop for […]